For anybody shipping cargo abroad, ocean freight shipping is a well-known alternative that provides shippers with transportation services at a low cost. Because seas and waterways span the majority of our world, it is one of the oldest and most accessible modes of freight transportation. In reality, the international shipping sector transports more than 90% of all products shipped worldwide. Why should a shipper select ocean shipping when there are other possibilities like air, road, and rail transit? Continue reading to discover the Top Five Advantages.

reliable cargo handling services in Malaysia

reliable cargo handling services in Malaysia


The ocean shipping business, hands down, provides shippers with the most inexpensive freight charges, especially across vast distances. Ocean freight shipment is, on average, four to six times less costly than air freight shipping, according to some estimates. With figures like this, it’s simple to claim that ocean transportation is the most cost-effective method of international shipment.


Sea freight providers can typically satisfy your demands, regardless of the size of your goods. Lesser shipments can be combined with other cargo to fill a container, allowing transportation services to be shared at a lower cost. Shippers can fill one or more containers with larger goods, giving them unrivaled bulk possibilities. In reality, because they are built to transport enormous amounts of commodities or raw materials, boats are the best means to convey big volumes of cargo.

Capacity for oversized, heavy, and unwieldy freight.

The capacity of shipping firms to transport big, heavy, or bulky cargo – also known as breakbulk or Not in Trailer (NIT) cargoes – is a key benefit of sea freight shipping. Large cars, equipment, building supplies, and other items might be among the cargo. Very enormous cargo, which is frequently too heavy or large for air freight or even over-the-road transit, is not an issue for many maritime boats.

Cargo Safety.

Ships are built to safely transport hazardous chemicals and dangerous cargo. The industry is well-versed in the handling of such commodities, and laws have been put in place to safeguard the vessel, crew, cargo, and environment’s safety.

Cargo loss due to marine disasters is steadily decreasing as maritime safety improves, and has decreased dramatically in the last decade. For further protection, canisters are constructed to be sealed and secured during transportation. If you want competent and reliable cargo handling services in Malaysia, visit Altus.

Better Safety practices for Cargo shipping.

Many distinct parties are involved in international marine container transportation. This method has the advantage of allowing enterprises to specialize in different aspects of the logistics process, which has resulted in significant cost savings as well as increased efficiency and global reach. Having so many parties liable for a single cargo, on the other hand, might make communication difficult and obligations or liabilities unclear.