Sushi Zanmai has been serving delicious sushi, sashimi, tempura, makimono, and many other items on their tasty menu for many years in Malaysia.

Here is the latest Sushi Zanmai menu with prices in Malaysia:

Menu Item Price


Ikura Shoyuzuke RM 14.80
Potato Mayo RM 4.80
Hakusai Kimuchi RM 5.80
Edamame RM 5.80
Hiyayakko RM 4.80
Kimuchi Topshell RM 9.80
Wasabi Eringi RM 5.80
Chuka Wakame RM 5.80
Chuka Kurage RM 8.80
Chuka Chinmi RM 8.80
Tako Wasabi RM 8.80
Salmon to Avocado RM 9.80
Chuka Iidako RM 10.80
Yaki Aburaage RM 3.80
Atsuyaki Tamago RM 7.80
Natto RM 4.80
Spicy Tofu RM 3.80

House Specialty

Salad Roll RM 8.80
Sanshoku Hana Salmon RM 14.80
Stamina Roll RM 19.80
Black Pepper Spider Roll RM 19.80
Spicy Unagi Roll RM 16.80
Mentaiko Spider Roll RM 20.80
Salmon Mentai Roll RM 16.80
Dragon Mentai Roll RM 17.80
Ebi to Ringo Roll RM 16.80
Midori Salmon Roll RM 17.80
Summer Roll RM 19.80
Fiery Oyster Roll RM 16.80

Sashimi Moriawase

Amagi 2-3pax RM 49.80
Shiretoko 2-3pax RM 39.80
Asama 3pcs RM 29.80
Asama 4pcs RM 37.80
Asama 5pcs RM 45.80
Rokko 1pc RM 19.80
Rokko 2pcs RM 34.80
Rokko 3pcs RM 49.80
Fuji 3-4pax RM 75.00


Maguro 3pcs RM 10.80
Toro 3pcs RM 35.80
Salmon 3pcs RM 9.80
Hamachi 5pcs RM 22.80
Toro Hamachi 5pcs RM 23.80
Amaebi 5pcs RM 16.80
Toro Salmon 5pcs RM 17.80
Tako 3pcs RM 8.80
Ika RM 6.80


Kani Avocado Salad RM 18.80
Sashimi Salad RM 19.80
Komochi Shirauo Salad RM 18.80
Kaiso to Tofu Salad RM 11.80
Chicken Karaage Salad RM 16.80
Pari Pari Kani Salada RM 17.80

Sushi Moriawase

Aburi Zanmai RM 16.80
Hodaka RM 16.80
Salmon Zanmai RM 29.80
Hourai RM 13.80
Aso RM 31.80
Mentaiko Zanmai RM 16.80

Nigiri Sushi

Toro RM 17.80
Maguro RM 5.80
Zuke Maguro RM 5.80
Hamachi RM 7.80
Aburi Salmon Belly RM 6.80
Spicy Aburi Salmon RM 5.80
Toro Salmon RM 5.80
Salmon Mentai RM 6.80
Salmon RM 4.80
Salmon Peach RM 5.80
Salmon Cheese RM 5.80
Salmon Onion Sauce RM 5.80
Komochi Shirauo RM 5.80
Jo Unagi RM 11.80
Una Tama RM 7.80
Unagi RM 6.80
Awabi RM 3.80
Ika Geso RM 4.80
Spicy Awabi RM 4.80
Wasabi Eringi RM 2.80
Kaki Fry RM 8.80
Topshell RM 6.80
Spicy Aburi Ika RM 4.80
Awabi Teri-mayo RM 4.80
Tako RM 5.80
Avocado RM 2.80
Ebi RM 5.80
Ebi Cheese RM 6.80
Ebi Mentai RM 6.80
Amaebi RM 7.80
Ebi Tempura RM 7.80
Nama Hotate RM 10.80
Hotate Mentai RM 6.80
Aburi Nama Hotate RM 10.80
Kaori Hako Kani RM 4.80
Ni Hotate RM 5.80
Ika Mentai RM 4.80
Ika RM 3.80
Tamago Mentai RM 3.80
Tamago RM 2.80
Inari RM 2.80

Gunkan Sushi & Inari Sushi

Salmon Ikura RM 8.80
Negitoro RM 4.80
Ikura RM 9.80
Tobikko RM 5.80
Black Caviar RM 3.80
Chuka Iidako RM 4.80
Chuka Kurage RM 4.80
Chuka Chinmi RM 4.80
Chuka Wakame RM 2.80
Wasabi Tobikko RM 5.80
Ebikko RM 3.80
Salmon Salad RM 3.80
Tuna Salad RM 3.80
Natto RM 3.80
Kani Corn RM 2.80
Kani Mayo RM 4.80
Salmon to Ebi Katsuo RM 6.80
Ajitsuke Shiitake RM 3.80
Ebi Katsuo RM 3.80
Inari Sakura Ebi RM 5.80
Inari Ika Mentai RM 6.80
Inari Tuna Salad RM 5.80
Inari Ebikko RM 5.80
Inari Kanimayo Yaki RM 5.80
Inari Soft Shell Crab RM 11.80


Kaori Hako Kani Maki RM 6.80
Kani Tamago Maki RM 4.80
Soft Shell Crab Maki RM 15.80
Avocado Maki RM 4.80
California Maki RM 4.80
Ebiten Ebikko Maki RM 9.80
Futomaki RM 3.80
Tuna Salad Maki RM 6.80
Ika Geso Maki RM 12.80
Negitoro Maki RM 8.80
Spicy Salmon Maki RM 7.80
Salmon Maki RM 7.80
Tekka Maki RM 7.80
Mini California Maki RM 8.80
Unakyu Maki RM 9.80
Natto Maki RM 4.80
Kanimayo Maki RM 8.80
Kappa Maki RM 2.80
Oshinko Maki RM 3.80
Kanpyo Maki RM 4.80
Tamago Maki RM 2.80
Cranky Salmon Maki RM 11.80


Ikura RM 9.80
Sakura RM 6.80
Negitoro RM 5.80
Salmon RM 5.80
California RM 5.80
Maguro RM 5.80
Kani Ebikko RM 4.80
Soft Shell Crab RM 7.80
Ebi Tempura RM 5.80
Unagi RM 6.80
Spicy Ebi Fry RM 5.80
Aburi Salmon Mentai RM 5.80
Salmon Salad RM 3.80
Salmon Ikura RM 7.80
Tuna Salad RM 3.80


Kaki Cheese Yaki RM 8.80
Ika Sugatayaki RM 18.80
Hotate Teriyaki RM 14.80
Asari to Kuzukiri no Tamago Toji RM 17.80
Ebi Mentaiyaki RM 17.80
Hotate Mentaiyaki RM 12.80
Gindara Teriyaki RM 23.80
Saba Shioyaki/Teriyaki RM 15.80
Salmon Shioyaki/Teriyaki RM 22.80
Salmon Head RM 15.80
Unagi Kabayaki RM 23.80
Salmon Mentaiyaki RM 24.80
Teriyaki Steak with Garlic RM 18.80
Chicken Teppanyaki RM 12.80
Gyuniku Enoki Roll RM 15.80
Chicken Teriyaki RM 14.80
Yakitori RM 7.80
Shishamo RM 5.80
Ebi Gyozo RM 17.80
Kinoki Butter-yaki RM 10.80
Chicken Gyozo RM 13.80
Spicy Chicken to Tofu no Tamago Toji RM 12.80
Sakura Ebi Okonomiyaki RM 18.80
Yasai Itame RM 7.80


Soft Shell Crab RM 22.80
Mame Aji Karaage RM 8.80
Agedashi Tofu RM 7.80
Salmon Menchi Katsu RM 9.80
Chicken katsu RM 13.80
Salmon Skin RM 9.80
Chicken Karaage RM 10.80
Ika Geso Karaage RM 12.80
Yasai Croquette RM 5.80


Ebi Tempura RM 12.80
Komochi Shirauo Tempura RM 10.80
Tempura Moriawase RM 12.80
Shimeji Karaage RM 8.80
Yasai Tempura RM 7.80
Hanasaki Ika Tempura RM 11.80

Nabemono & Wanmono

Sukiyaki RM 23.80
Ikura Chawanmushi RM 13.80
Chawanmushi RM 5.80
Yasi Miso Shiru RM 10.80
Miso Shiru RM 3.80
Kaisen Nabe RM 26.80
Asari Nabe RM 25.80
Kumichi Seafood Nabe RM 22.80


Tempura Udon RM 14.80
Sansai Udon RM 11.80
Tsukimi Udon RM 11.80
Curry Udon RM 14.80
Niku Udon RM 15.80
Spicy Salmon Belly Nabeyaki Udon RM 19.80
Kimuchi Udon RM 10.80
Kitsune Udon RM 11.80
Shoyu Ramen RM 10.80
Spicy Ramen RM 11.80
Spicy Niku Ramen RM 14.80
Spicy Kaisen Ramen RM 17.80
Chicken Karaage Paitan Ramen RM 15.80
Cha Soba RM 10.80
Zaru Soba RM 9.80
Tenzaru Udon RM 11.80
Hiyashi Ramen RM 14.80
Yakisoba RM 11.80
Chicken Katsu Udon RM 18.80


Unadon RM 25.80
Tendon RM 11.80
Chicken Katsudon RM 12.80
Unatama Don RM 22.80
Kakiage Don RM 13.80
Oyako Don RM 11.80
Yakiniku Don RM 13.80
Kisu Don RM 14.80
Madara Don RM 13.80
Sakura Ebi Chahan RM 10.80
Curry Rice RM 11.80
Chicken Katsu Curry RM 15.80
Garlic Rice RM 8.80
Salmon Don RM 16.80
Ebidon RM 12.80
Chicken Karaage Don RM 11.80
Seafood Treasure RM 19.80

Ice Cream

Matcha Ice RM 6.80
Goma Ice RM 6.80
Yuzu Sherbet RM 6.80
Ichigo Ice RM 6.80
Itachoco Monaka RM 9.80
Cheese Stick RM 9.80
Double Chocolate Monaka RM 9.80
Macha Monaka RM 9.80


Macha Macha Parfait RM 16.80
Choco Banana Parfait RM 16.80
Corn Porfait RM 16.80
Goma Parfait RM 16.80

Sushi Zanmai Malaysian Menu

Just like the Koreans are famous for its signature fried chicken in Malaysia, Japanese cuisine is well-known for its sushi served on conveyor-belt.

As for the Sushi Zanmai menu, it has a wide range to choose from; appetizers, house specialty, sashimi, salad, sushi, grilled items, deep-fried items (agemono or tempura), dishes in pots (nabemono and wanmono), noodle, rice sets (donburi), ice cream, and beverages.Delicious Sushi On The Sushi Zanmai Menu

Like the name suggests, Sushi Zanmai is famous for its sushi. The popular sushi in Malaysia are of course the house specialty; the Sanshoku Hana Salmon, Fiery Oyster Roll, Spicy Unagi Roll (eel), Mentaiko Spider Roll (soft shell crab), and Dragon Mentai Roll (king prawn sushi with avocado).

Apart from sushi, food on the Sushi Zanmai menu includes grilled dishes which are equally tantalizing, such as Kaki Cheese Yaki (grilled oyster with cheese), Hotate Mentaiyaki (grilled scallop with cod roe and cheese), Ika Sugatayaki (grilled squid), Ebi Mentaiyaki (grilled prawn with cod roe), Salmon Shioyaki (grilled salmon), and Saba Teriyaki (grilled mackerel).

More Tasty Food At Sushi Zanmai

Other than that, the hotpots and soups are also well-liked by Malaysians. That includes Sukiyaki (sliced beef and beancurd in soup), Kaisen Nabe (assorted seafood and vegetables hotpot soup), and Yasai Miso Shiru (mixed vegetables miso soup).

Sushi Zanmai in Malaysia

One of the main differences of the Sushi Zanmai menu in Malaysia compared to others such as Japan is that, even though it is not certified as Halal, the outlets are all pork-free – as pork is forbidden in Islam and Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country.

The other difference is that in terms of its pricing. In Malaysia, Sushi Zanmai is still considered as affordable, even though the CEO recently purchased a tuna for USD $3.1 million, slightly above Sushi King range, and below Rakuzen and other much more expensive Japanese restaurants, like Nobu and Tenji.

Halal Status

According to Malaysian Halal Portal, Sushi Zanmai has not obtained Halal certificate from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) yet. This is due to the fact that it serves beer, and some of the food do contain mirin for taste purpose (even though the mirin will evaporate during cooking).

However, as mentioned in Halal Ke Website, the Sushi Zanmai menu is pork-free, and all meat-based products are from Halal certified suppliers. Currently there are only a few Halal Japanese restaurants in Malaysia, like Sushi King and Empire Sushi.

Who Else Likes The Sushi Zanmai Menu?

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About Sushi Zanmai Malaysia

Sushi Zanmai is a restaurant chain serving authentic Japanese cuisine on conveyor-belt or ala carte. “Zanmai” in Japanese means luxury or indulgence. Sushi Zanmai therefore, may refer to “sushi indulgence”.

Modern Sushi Zanmai Restaurant In Malaysia

In Japan, it has been operating for more than 20 years. In Malaysia, Sushi Zanmai started operating in April 1997. by Super Sushi Sdn Bhd. Today it has more than 10 outlets nationwide. Sushi Zanmai joins the list of other popular Japanese restaurants in Malaysia, such as Sushi King, Rakuzen, Sushi Mentai, Empire Sushi, and Sakae Sushi.

Talk to Sushi Zanmai Malaysian Staff

Have more questions for the Sushi Zanmai menu? Send their staff a message on social media:

Or you can call 603 8024 8010 or send an email to [email protected]. Finally, you can message them on their website.

For any more information you want about the Sushi Zanmai menu, leave a comment in the box below.