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Games. Games oh games. We can say then that Games are a part of our life isn’t it? Yes, we may not call ourselves gamers necessarily. But we cannot deny that we do play games even occasionally don’t we? So we can definitely say that games are a part of our life whether that being a big part or small. But then here begs a question. Is gaming good for us? Is gaming good for you and I? 


Ever since a young age we know that our parents and grandparents might be tough on us because we game or maybe game a lot. But then are there actually any benefits at all to us gaming? Is it a bad thing or they just do not understand why we game? Yes, there are benefits and we are going to talk about it. Here’s a few.


  • Improve in Dexterity

People are always labelled as right handers and left handers or ambidextrous but honestly that is not important at all. Because if we do not utilise both hands we will still not be able to do things well. It should be in harmony for things to be completed. Video games can help you do that. How? Simple, because games can help you train up both left and right hand coordination and it will greatly help you with dexterity. Letting your left and right hands be in coordination.


  •  Brain power

Game is a great workout for you but yet it is a fun workout! How? You are learning movements and muscle memory and also improving reflexes and strength if you play regularly. This is liken to doing weights to have that curl on your biceps and it is exactly the same! It can help you with memory and muscle coordination and more exercising your brain to be faster and stronger.


  • Better at solving problems and flexibility

Games like fast pace shooting games will help you in two ways particularly. Solving problems and having flexibility. How it helps is in the way you solve by attacking your enemy in game. Games like Rainbow 6 Siege and Apex Legends Arena mode help you with problem solving. Which angle is better to attack at, how much precision when shooting and if this does not work then what’s next. Which other angle or hide spots to let them not see you but you can attack them efficiently. All these help you perform better and be more problem solving and flexible.


  • Teaching you to be more persistent with precision

What does it mean to be persistent and with precision? Of course persistent is to have a never giving up heart and precision is to do it at best that you can and games will teach you to do so. When games get difficult, you should not give up and keep getting better and keep on doing it with precision.

fishing game malaysia

Here are some benefits that games can bring to you. Of course being addicted to games is also not good but with moderation and control it can also bring good. If you are interested then you can play games like mentioned above, Rainbow 6 Siege, Apex Legends both mobile and PC or games like fishing game malaysia will also help develop skills while having fun. Gamers, Assemble.

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