Being a student is packed with a lot of work to do, few hours of sleep and a hyperactive nocturnal pattern. We hear you! It is hard enough trying to keep yourself healthy without worrying about the appearance of your room. But your room does play a large role in your health. Keeping your room clean is a mammoth task and it isn’t easy, especially on dark days. However, with these steps, we give you 3 ways to keep the mess of your room to a minimum and, therefore, limit the amount of cleaning you have to do. As opposed to tidying your room constantly and completely abandoning the idea, we give you ways to manage your space.


Make Your Bed

The eyes always find the bed when entering a room. It pulls the focus of the area. That’s why if a bed is messy, the entire room looks less organised. The best way to manage your bed is to make it as soon as you wake up. It does not matter if you go back to bed. Make it and sleep on top with a smaller blanket that you can fold away after. You’ll find that once your bed is made nicely, you may not want to disturb it. Making your bed also makes it easier to want to clean the rest of your room. It’s a known trick that comes in handy on days when you don’t feel like cleaning.

Dr. Clo

Invest In Containers

Containers are a lifesaver– big or small. They are the perfect contraptions to prevent clutter or hide the mess. Label your containers and throw whatever goes into them accordingly. These containers can then be stacked or packed away easily and effortlessly. The truth stands that having a cluttered space makes you want to clear your room even less, because it appears overwhelming. However, if you keep your containers full, your floor will always be clean! Containers don’t have to be big, either. You can buy adorable boxes for smaller items. Mr. DIY sells several cheap ones, or you could purchase them from a random local store. Use them to keep small annoying items that occupy your bedside table or your desk.


Purchase An Automatic Disinfectant

Buying yourself a Dr. Clo is another small tip to help you keep your room sanitary without giving it a wipe-down. Dr. Clo functions as an automated disinfectant that keeps your room smelling fresh and cleaned while actually killing the bacteria. Unlike other sprays or disinfectants that require the laborious task of applying to cloth and wiping, or diluting in water, this disinfectant comes in stick-form and requires a simple crank to start working effectively. Put it on a wall or over a table and let it do the wipe-down for you. It works continuously for weeks so that you don’t have to.