Why should you pursue a medical degree, or MBBS as it is known in Malaysia? Well, the last two years have demonstrated why doctors are indispensable. They were the unsung heroes who saved lives during one of history’s worst pandemics. However, it has not only been doctors who have worked to develop vaccines that have prevented millions from contracting COVID-19. You could be a hero after completing an MBBS or a Biomedical course. Click here if you are interested to study bachelor in science in malaysia.

study bachelor in science in malaysia

Here are some reasons why studying medicine is a good option:

  1. Makes a real difference
  • Doctors have been in high demand since the dawn of time. They’ll always be in demand because people need healthcare; it’s a sad fact, but it’s a fact nonetheless.
  • This is one of the best jobs for you if you’ve always wanted to help people. Throughout your career, you will save lives and improve the lives of countless others.


  1. Diverse career options
  • You may believe that studying medicine entitles you only to work as a doctor in a hospital or as a private General Practitioner (GP). No, not exactly.
  • Over 60 specialties are available to medical graduates. It’s a vast field that includes everything from pediatrics (the treatment of infants, children, and adolescents) to psychiatry (the treatment of mental and emotional disorders) and public health (treating communities and creating policies instead of individuals).
  • And who says you can’t do something other than medicine? You could pursue a career in research, teaching, management, communication, or even politics. Essentially, you will have a very bright future ahead of you.

study bachelor in science in malaysia

  1. A respected career option
  • Have you ever noticed that whenever there is an emergency in a movie, someone will exclaim, “Is there a doctor in the house?!”
  • Doctors are still trusted in times of crisis because of their abilities.
  • Doctors are thought to be knowledgeable, professional, calm under pressure, and respectable.


  1. Brings out the best of yourself
  • A career in medicine will require you to help people on a regular basis, as well as work through challenges that will shape you into a better person.
  • When you study medicine, you will embark on a personal growth journey that will provide you with new perspectives, values, maturity, and resilience. Dealing with and overcoming obstacles in the name of healing others will truly bring out the best in you.

study bachelor in science in malaysia

  1. A secure future
  • People will always require healthcare no matter where they live on the planet. Because they help people get better, healthcare workers are always in high demand. There will always be a need for the skills of an MBBS or Biomedical Sciences graduate as long as people get sick. This translates into two things: job security and stability.
  • And, of course, it’s well-known that experienced doctors are paid well. It may be difficult at first (as it is with all jobs), but as you advance in the healthcare field, your pay grade will improve. You can also practice abroad, which may improve your finances even further.