Every year on March 8th, we commemorate International Women’s Day to show our respect and acknowledgment for women and their contributions to society and the nation, regardless of background, ethnicity, language, culture, economics, or politics. 


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Women shall be treated equally. In sex, women should be treated well too. What are the most common toys for women? Vibrators and dildos right? So, Check out secret cherry vibrator Malaysia

The following is a list of women’s sexual desires. The source is from the women’s own complaints as a result of frustration with men’s attitudes. It does not mean that a woman wants all of the listed, it does not mean that the woman has different needs in this regard and each has different needs:


  • Men should be more cheerful when having sex.
  • Have dinner together and sip food into the couple’s mouth before doing so.
  • Do not like men squeezing because it is difficult to breathe.
  • I don’t like men who are selfish. Love men who care about their partner’s wishes.
  • Glad if a man can calm his heart before doing so.

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  • Love it if men treat her as if they are doing it for the first time. The man deserves to be loving as well as gentle.
  • Prefer to be touched and hugged than inzal when doing it.
  • Glad to be able to tell the man how he feels when doing it and the man understands it.
  • She loves it when men say that she is beautiful and charming.
  • Take time to freshen up and dress up before doing so.


Alright the list goes on:

  • Do not like to do it in a hurry.
  • Like if a man wakes her up from sleep by kissing her body.
  • Feels happy when a man praises part after part of his body.
  • Love to do it in the morning.

  • Like to soak in water before doing it.
  • Love if men take turns doing it once for his partner, then for himself as well.
  • Glad to be called by spoiled names before doing so.
  • Hate to do it after dinner.
  • Do not like men who are busy in bed, should calm down and do not be chased aimlessly.
  • Will never get tired of hearing men praise how beautiful she is.
  • Happy if a man focuses on himself when doing it, not on other things.
  • I don’t like it when men wear perfume that doesn’t smell good.
  • Like if the guy told her what he had done right, not just his fault.
  • Loved it if the guy undressed.
  • Love if the guy feels proud when with her.
  • Need attention and time.
  • Love if it could go on all night.
  • Happy if men express their feelings of pleasure when doing it.
  • Like if the penis is pushed slowly and pulled quickly while paddling.
  • Love if men are sensitive to her wants and feelings.
  • Love if holding and leading hand.
  • Love if the sex becomes a manifestation of love.
  • Happy to be treated rudely.
  • Feel comfortable and safe doing it with a loyal man.
  • Hate when a man rejects his invitation.
  • Loved it if the man held her hand as he entered the room.