When it comes to purchasing home broadband Internet, there are numerous factors to consider. Aside from Internet speed and pricing, you’ll need to consider download limits, contract length, and other optional services that you may or may not use. Everyone uses their home broadband Internet in a somewhat different way, but don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you so you can figure out whether or not this broadband offer is right for you.

TIME Broadband has revised its packages and now offers the fastest Internet speed of 500Mbps for household users in Malaysia. They’ve also removed data caps, so you can now download and upload at these speeds without limits. It’s arguably the greatest package available right now, however, it has a smaller service area than other Malaysian broadband Internet providers such as TM’s Unifi and Maxis, making it difficult to obtain.


1. Pricing and speed

Speed! Everyone wants that from their broadband service, but it depends on how many devices you have and how many people you’ll be sharing it with at home. What matters most is your quota; all the speed in the world won’t help you if you’re throttled.

When it comes to speed, the TIME Fibre broadband for home is excellent, with Internet speeds of up to 500Mbps available to households. That’s more than enough to download an album in seconds, an HD movie in minutes, and a game in seconds.


2. Add-ons

‘Bundled’ packages are available from every provider. With your broadband subscription, you can get a landline, TV, and even a mobile phone plan. These can help you save money and eliminate the stress of having to pay multiple bills each month. Of course, these should only be important to you if you intend to use them. If you’re pleased with your current phone or TV package and merely want Internet access, the bundle will actually cost you more money. Remember to consider all costs, including set-up and connection fees, before making a decision.

TIME Broadband can also accommodate you if you use your home phone frequently to communicate with family and friends.


3. Fees for installation and cancellation

Another advantage of TIME Home Broadband Fibre is its sign-up offer. You can obtain a router and a cordless phone when you sign up for TIME Home Broadband Fibre, unlike Maxis, which does not supply a cordless phone.

The majority of broadband packages also include an installation charge. Maxis home fibre Internet, for example, charges RM200 for installation, while TIME charges RM249. The installation price is free with TIME Home Broadband Fibre for a 24-month commitment (which is currently the only contract period available). You are also eligible for a free first-month subscription.


What’s the verdict?

TIME Home Broadband Fibre 100Mbps is significantly less expensive than TM UniFi’s home fibre Internet service of 100Mbps. TIME’s fastest broadband plan, with a download speed of 500Mbps, costs the same as Maxis’s fastest 100Mbps plan. To summarise, TIME provides the fastest Internet speed at the most affordable pricing. Get the best info on Time broadband Malaysia here.

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