Are you right now brainstorming for a concept of your marketing video? Well, knowing that the business world is quite competitive, it is indeed right to carefully and meticulously plan for it indeed. There are probably thousands of marketing videos already. Thus a video alone is not something to be amazed of and in fact, most internet users already ignore them. 

But this does not mean that a marketing video is not effective anymore. Nope, that is not the case as it is still the best way to promote a business.  Just make sure though that you have something new to share and not just the usual actors using your product. They might work at times but as they are like almost stereotype, they are not really that amazing anymore. content marketing agency malaysia

Let me share the golden rules in creating a marketing video:

  • Rule number one is to define your audience. When you say marketing, it means trying to connect to your targeted audience and trying to pass a message to them that your product or provided services are advantageous. Note that most of the time, a certain product will only appeal to a certain group of people and not to everyone. The bottom line is creating a  video with content marketing agency Malaysia is for it to be tailored to the particular concerns of your properly defined audience. 
  • Most marketing videos these days, if you notice are just narrating about facts and how useful the products are for them. Well, this might be good but not interesting and therefore, there is a good chance it will just be forgotten once the viewer is already out. For your marketing video to be remembered, you must create a compelling story around your products that can emotional connect to your viewers. Just imagine if you are watching a very sad story, even if days have already passed, you can still vividly recall even their dialogues. That is because the story got your interest. 
  • Show them the effects instead of just telling them. Actually, this is the bottom line of the video because you can somehow show them the real effects if they will use your products and not just tell them. Like for example if you are advertising a perfume, then through your creative imagination, you can make them see the possible results if they will use it.

These are just some of the golden rules that everyone can choose to abide by when planning for a marketing video. Well, of course you can add some spices to your video.