Are you facing leaking pipes at your house? In need of a plumber, but not sure what services are provided by a plumber? Well, I’ve got you! Here is a list of services that are provided by a plumber. You can also check out cheap plumbers in petaling jaya area here.

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Here are some of the services provided by a plumber:

  1. Installation, inspection and replacement
  • To ensure that you’re getting quality work and materials, hire a licensed plumber to install, inspect, and replace your home or commercial property fixtures. Toilets, kitchen and bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, faucets, dishwasher, water heater, washer for laundry, pipes, water lines, backflow protection, and septic tank systems are all items that a plumber can expertly install, repair, and replace. Even bathroom and kitchen fixtures and pipes have a lifespan and must be replaced when they wear out. This can be especially difficult for commercial properties with more complicated plumbing systems, such as apartments and condominiums.
  • Unusual noises, running water, stains near fixtures and pipes, and a foul smell in the kitchen or bathroom are early indicators that some parts need to be replaced. Waiting for water to leak into the walls, floors, and ceilings before calling a licensed plumber will cost you more money in repairs and renovations.


  1. Toilet repair
  • Toilets, particularly those in commercial buildings, are prone to a variety of issues, including clogging, overflowing, and flushing defects. Any reputable plumber should be able to handle these issues in an emergency, but it’s also a good idea to set up proper waste disposal management and regular preventive maintenance to avoid major repairs. After all, problem restrooms in commercial spaces can leave a negative impression on customers and clients, which is why you should not wait until the problem worsens because it can also disrupt your office’s daily operations.


  1. Leak repairs
  • Leaks are so common that some homeowners choose to ignore them until they affect their water bill or cause structural damage. Damp or stained walls, ceilings, or floors, running water from fixtures, and unusual noises coming from the pipes are all warning signs. While there are do-it-yourself tutorials on the Internet for how to fix leaks, the problem isn’t always solved by looking for a faulty pipe or fixture.

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  1. Drain cleaning
  • No matter how well you clean the drains in the kitchen and bathrooms, they will eventually accumulate dirt and debris. That is why you should have a licensed plumber perform regular cleaning and maintenance to effectively remove dirt and debris and prevent drain clogging. Although there are commercial products that claim to remove accumulated materials in drains that cause blockage, they do not always work as intended and may even exacerbate the problem. If there is an emergency, you should always keep the contact information of a reliable 24 hour plumber who can assist you quickly.

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  1. Sewer repair
  • Nobody wants to deal with sewer repairs, but a plumbing contractor can handle any issue because they have the necessary tools and training. If you notice any foul odors or unusual noises coming from the sewer, especially if you own a commercial property, you should have your sewer lines inspected.