McDonald’s, or McD as some call it, is one of the most popular fast-food chains in Malaysia. Their menu is filled with delicious burgers, meals, chicken, and chips.

Here is the latest McDonald’s menu with prices:

McDonald’s Menu

Menu Item Price
Beef Bundle B (4-5 pax) RM 49.95

Ala Carte

McChicken RM 8.10
Double McChicken RM 11.95
Smoky Grilled Beef RM 15.05
Ayam Goreng McD Spicy (2pcs) RM11.90
Ayam Goreng McD Spicy (5pcs) RM 30.20
Ayam Goreng McD Spicy (9pcs) RM 51.90
Hot N Crispy Chicken RN 15.05
McChicken Deluxe RM 9.50
Spicy Chicken McDeluxe RM 11.90
Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe RM 18.95
GCB RM 11.90
Double GCB RM 18.95
Ayam Goreng McD Regular (2pcs) RM 11.90
Chicken McNuggets (6pcs) RM 9.40
Chicken McNuggets (9pcs) RM 12.25
Double Cheeseburger RM 9.45
Triple Cheeseburger RM 13.95
Big Mac RM 10.40
Mega mac RM 15.50
Filet-O-Fish RM 8.45
Double Filet-O-Fish RM 12.25

Value Meal

McChicken Meal (medium) RM 13.20
McChicken Meal (large) RM 15.10
Double McChicken Meal (medium) RM 16.50
Double McChicken Meal (medium) RM 18.40
Smoky Grilled Beef Meal (medium) RM 17.90
Smoky Grilled Beef Meal (large) RM 19.77
Ayam Goreng McD Spicy Meal 2pcs (medium) RM 16.95
Ayam Goreng McD Spicy Meal 2pcs (large) RM 18.83
McChicken Deluxe Meal (medium) RM 14.60
McChicken Deluxe Meal (large) RM 16.50
Spicy McChicken Deluxe Meal (medium) RM 16.65
Spicy McChicken Deluxe Meal (large) RM 18.55
Double Spicy McChicken Deluxe Meal (medium) RM 22.50
Double Spicy McChicken Deluxe Meal (large) RM 24.40
GCB Meal (medium) RM 16.85
GCB Meal (large) RM 18.73
Double GCB Meal (medium) RM 22.50
Double GCB Meal (large) RM 24.40
Ayam Goreng McD Regular Meal 2pcs (medium) RM 16.95
Ayam Goreng McD Regular Meal 2pcs (large) RM 18.83
Chicken McNuggets 6pcs Meal (medium) RM 13.20
Chicken McNuggets 6pcs Meal (large) RM 15.10
Chicken McNuggets 9pcs Meal (medium) RM 16.20
Chicken McNuggets 9pcs Meal (large) RM 18.07
Double Cheeseburger Meal (medium) RM 14.65
Double Cheeseburger Meal (large) RM 16.55
Triple Cheeseburger Meal (medium) RM 19.00
Triple Cheeseburger Meal (large) RM 20.90
Big Mac Meal (medium) RM 15.60
Big Mac Meal (large) RM 17.50
Mega Mac Meal (medium) RM 20.30
Mega Mac Meal (large) RM 22.17
Filet-O-Fish Meal (medium) RM 13.00
Filet-O-Fish Meal (large) RM 14.90
Double Filet-O-Fish Meal (medium) RM 17.45
Double Filet-O-Fish Meal (large) RM 19.35


French Fries (medium) RM 4.80
French Fries (large) RM 5.60
Coleslaw (medium) RM 4.25
Coleslaw (large) RM 5.20
Corn (medium) RM 4.25
Corn (large) RM 5.20
Salted Egg Yolk Loaded Fries RM 6.70
Bubur Ayam McD (Medium) RM 7.25
Chicken McNuggets 20pcs RM 23.50

Happy Meals

Bubur Ayam McD Happy Meal RM 10.30
Cheeseburger Happy Meal RM 10.15
Chicken Nuggets 4pcs Happy Meal RM 10.15
Ayam Goreng McD Happy Meal RM 10.30
Chicken Burger Happy Meal RM 10.15


Rendang Pie RM 4.60
Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pie RM 4.25
Blueberry Sundae RM 5.65
Blueberry McFlurry RM 7.55
Oreo McFlurry RM 13.70
Blueberry McFlurry Party RM 14.60
Oreo McFlurry RM 6.60
Chocolate Sundae RM 4.15
Strawberry Sundae RM 4.15
Apple Pie RM 3.75


Soft Drink (medium) RM 3.85
Soft Drink (large) RM 4.90
Ice Lemon Tea (medium) RM 5.65
Ice Lemon Tea (large) RM 6.10
Orange Juice (medium) RM 6.60
Orange Juice (large) RM 7.35
Milo (medium) RM 6.90
Milo (large) RM 7.20
Premium Roast Coffee (medium) RM 4.70
Premium Roast Coffee (large) RM 5.25
Cappuccino (medium) RM 8.45
Cappuccino (large) RM 9.40
Iced Latte (medium) RM 8.95
Iced Latte (large) RM 9.90
Iced Americano (medium) RM 8.95
Iced Americano (large) RM 9.90


Scrambled Egg Sandwich RM 6.60
Scrambled Egg Sandwich Value Meal RM 9.90
Sausage & Scrambled Egg Sandwich RM 7.55
Sausage & Scrambled Egg Sandwich Value Meal RM 11.25
Big Breakfast RM 10.55
Big Breakfast Value Meal RM 14.40
Crispy Chicken Muffin RM 7.25
Crispy Chicken Muffin Value Meal RM 11.95
Crispy Chicken Muffin with Egg RM 8.55
Crispy Chicken Muffin with Egg Value Meal RM 12.75
Sausage McMuffin with Egg RM 7.10
Sausage McMuffin™ with Egg Value Meal RM 11.40
Double Sausage McMuffin with Egg RM 8.95
Double Sausage McMuffin with Egg Balue Meal RM 13.20
Sausage McMuffin RM 5.90
Sausage McMuffin Value Meal RM 10.70
Egg McMuffin RM 6.60
Egg McMuffin Value Meal RM 11.15
Hotcakes 2pcs RM 10.35
Hotcakes 2pcs Value Meal RM 14.10
Filet-O-Fish RM 8.45
Filet-O-Fish Value Meal RM 13.15
Hash Brown RM 4.20

Family Meal

Ayam Goreng McD™ Bundle A Spicy (2-3pax) RM 35.00
Ayam Goreng McD™ Bundle B Spicy (4-5pax) RM 65.00
Chicken Bundle A – Regular (2-3 pax) RM 29.95
Chicken Bundle B – Regular (4-5 pax) RM 49.95
Beef Bundle A (2-3 pax) RM 29.95

McDonald’s Delivery Menu

Malaysia was one of the first countries to have McDonald’s Delivery service available. It started way back in March 1994, when the delivery service was first launched. From the beginning, people would call up their closest McDonald’s restaurant, place an order over the phone, and a staff member would then deliver it to your door.

These days, it’s all done 100% online. You can easily visit their delivery website and order almost anything off the McDonald’s menu that you like. The delivery menu is quite similar to the in-store menu with a few changes here and there.

As well as McD’s official delivery service, you can now order McDonald’s to turn up on your door through Grab Food MY:

Remember there is a delivery fee on top of the burger and meal prices. This sometimes depends on how far away you are from the store. Generally, the McD delivery fee will be around RM4.00.

As well, unfortunately, you can’t customise your order if you choose delivery. Meaning you can choose no sauce, get more vegetables on your burger, or have no ice in your drink – these are all still only available if you visit a McDonald’s store.

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu in Malaysia

If you want to order from the McD breakfast menu instead of the regular one, you have to visit a McDonald’s between 4am and 10am. As well, the last orders for breakfast are taken at 9:45am to give the staff time to switch over to the regular menu.

You’ll find many of the traditional McDonald’s breakfast burgers on the menu. Famous ones include the Sausage McMuffin, Egg McMuffin, Hotcakes, Scrambled Egg Sandwich, and of course, their delicious Hashbrowns.

Some Of The Food Available On The Malaysian Mcdonald’s Breakfast Menu

As well, if you’re bringing some children along the Happy Meals also change to include breakfast foods instead. You can even get a happy meal with Bubur Ayam McD.

To wash it all down, you can select a regular soft drink, or a range of hot beverages including Hot Coffee, Cappuccino, Americano, Milo, and more.

Altogether, the McDonald’s breakfast menu prices are pretty good and you’re sure to receive good value for your money if you choose to eat at McDonald’s in the morning.

One of the most popular foods on the McDonald menu in Malaysia is the Bubur Ayam McD. It was first introduced to Malaysia in July 2002, and the wonderful porridge has stayed on the menu since. It’s a mix of chicken strips in rice congee with chilies, fried shallots, and scallions. Delicious

The Bubur Ayam Mcd On The Mcdonald’s Menu In Malaysia

In fact, Bubur Ayam McD was in such high demand in Malaysia that McDonald’s headquarters decided to expand the product to Indonesia and Thailand.

Next on the most popular food is the classic Spicy Chicken Deluxe. It’s got the famous McDonald’s crispy chicken patty, with tasty spicy sauce, lettuce, mayo, all served up on a fluffy bun.

For dessert, you can’t go wrong with a Chocolate Sundae. Or the Rendang Pie. Both will leave you walking out of McDonald’s with a big smile on your face. Enjoy!


McD in Malaysia

McDonald’s first launched in Malaysia more than 30 years ago now, way back in April 1982. The first store opened in the middle on KL at Jalan Bukit Bintang.

In the beginning, the traditional American McDonald’s menu was served at the Malaysia restaurants, until 1987. That was the year when the amazing Ayam Goreng McD was first put on the menu – and the locals loved it. It’s been there ever since and continues to be one of the favourite foods on the menu.

As demand for their famous McBurgers began to grow, they started to keep some McDonald’s store open 24 hours a day. By 2007, more than 70 McDonald’s in Malaysia were running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

McDonald’s has just passed its 35th Year Anniversary in Malaysia, and it continues to grow. More and more foods are being trialled on their menu to keep bringing the customers back.

It’ll be very interesting to see what McDonald’s has in plan for Malaysia over the coming years. New burgers? New desserts? Only time will tell.

Talk to McDonald’s Staff

Want to talk to the staff about the McDonald’s menu or have some other questions for them? Send them a message on social media:

Of, you can leave some feedback on their website.

If you have any more question about McDonald’s in Malaysia or want to know more about their menu, leave them in the comments