Marrybrown is a very popular restaurant in Malaysia. Their menu is filled with tasty meals like chicken, fish & chips, nasi bowls, burgers, local delights, and many more.

Here is the latest Marrybrown menu with prices in Malaysia:

Menu Item Price

Burger Meals

Cheesy-O-Burger Meal RM 10.90
Chicken Burger Meal RM 9.90
Hotouch Burger Meal RM 13.00
Tower Burger Meal RM 17.15
Fish Fillet Burger Meal RM 12.90


Cheesy-O-Burger RM 6.20
Chicken Burger RM 5.25
Hotouch Burger RM 9.30

Ultimate Chicken Meals

Lucky Plate Meal RM 15.10
Chick-A-Licious with Black pepper Sauce RM 16.50
Chick-A-Licious with Mushroom Sauce RM 16.50
Double Chicken Delight RM 15.45
Fish N Chips Meals RM 15.55

Local Delight Meals

Nasi Marrybrown RM 11.20
Nasi Ayam Marrybrown RM 11.20
Bubur Ayam Meal RM 8.20
Bubur Pedas Meal RM 8.85

Nasi Bowl

Nasi Kari Kapitan RM 5.85
Chick-O-Rice RM 5.85

Happy Sharing Meals

Buddy Meal (4 Crispy Chicken, 2 Sides and 2 Soft Drinks) RM 28.20
Happy Combo (8 Crispy Chicken, 2 Cheesy-O-Fries, 1 Vegetable Salad (L), 1 Mashed Potato (L), 4 Soft Drinks (R)) RM 62.70

Side Orders

Cheesy-O-Fries RM 6.10
Chicken Nuggets RM 7.45
French Fries RM 3.65
Mashed Potato RM 4.15
Vegetable Salad RM 4.15
MB Rice RM 3.00
Fragrant RIce RM 3.00


Coca-Cola RM 3.30
Sprite RM 3.30
Fanta Strawberry RM 3.30
Fanta Grape RM 3.30
Minute Maid Fresh Orange RM 4.70
Heaven and Earth Iced Lemon RM 4.70
Iced Milo RM 4.25
Dasani Drinking Water RM 2.25

Marrybrown Delivery Menu

Marrybrown has its own delivery service, called MB Delivery. The user interface is clear and easy to use, making it a plus point for the ones who crave for Marrybrown.

Marrybrown Has Its Own Delivery Service In Malaysia

Marrybrown Has Its Own Delivery Service In Malaysia

The best part is, you can order from the Marrybrown menu in 4 easy steps for the online customers; Select location, Select restaurant, Check out and make payment, and Enjoy your food. It also has its own expected time of delivery and embedded maps to complete the whole pleasant experience.

Good Food On Marrybrown Menu

Marrybrown is always known by the locals as the local fast-food chain serving local flavours on top of the common burgers, fried chicken, and fries.

One of the signature food items is the Malaysian staple food, rice, served in a bowl, known as “Nasi Bowls”, consisting of Nasi Kari Kapitan (curry with rice) and Chick-o-Rice (chicken rice). Back then, no other fast-food chains in Malaysia served rice, it was until recently that McDonald’s, KFC, and others followed the trend.

Other than that, the Marrybrown menu also has a local menu under the “Local Delights”, namely Nasi Marrybrown (rice with chicken), Nasi Ayam MB (chicken rice), Mi Kari MB (curry noodles), Bubur Pedas (spicy porridge), and Bubur Ayam (chicken porridge). Marrybrown has become the trend-setter in this segment in Malaysia.

Sample Of Local Food On Marrybrown Menu

Apart from that, there is also Fish & Chips, which is also unique to Marrybrown. As for the finger food, Marrybrown has a plenty of choices to choose from; Prawn Fingers, Fish Nuggets, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Fillets, Chick-A-Pops, French Fries, and Mambo Fries.

For the kids, there are the Kiddy Meals, complete with 4 options to choose from; Chicken Burger, Crispy Chicken, Chicken Nuggets, and Bubur Ayam (chicken porridge). These are served with fries and beverages.

Marrybrown Customers

Being one of the earliest Malaysian fast-food chains in Malaysia, Marrybrown is deemed to have sentimental values for the middle aged and older aged groups. The fact that it has several local flavours proves to be the preferred choice for the traditional Malaysians.

However, as time changes, local demand changes. Some Malaysians especially the youngsters now prefer the trendy and fresh-looking restaurants, such as the McDonald’s menu and Starbucks.

Other than the ambience, the Marrybrown menu is also viewed as slightly less dynamic on the promotions and marketing, as well as research and development, having less new and seasonal food items.

Besides, Marrybrown is also lacking on the retention factor due to its absence in loyalty programme and software development. Other fast-food chains that came much later than Marrybrown, such as Nando’s and Sushi King, all have evolved by having mobile app and loyalty card.

Who Else Likes The Marrybrown Menu?

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About Marrybrown Malaysia

Marrybrown is a Malaysian-based halal-certified fast food restaurant chain established in 1981. It was the first local fast food chain to franchise its business in Malaysia. Currently, it has more than 138 restaurants in Malaysia, and over 350 outlets in more than 20 countries.

First Marrybrown Opening In 1981, Malaysia

At present, the Marrybrown menu is predominatly found in Asia or Muslim countries, like Indonesia, Thailand, China, India, UAE, and Maldives. It also exists in Africa; Tanzania, and Central African Republic. In the near future it plans to enter European market.

As long as the restaurant continues to serve their tasty food available on the Marrybrown menu to all those who walk through their doors, it’s almost certain they’ll remain in Malaysia for many years to come.

Talk to Marrybrown Malaysian Staff

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