The old school is making a comeback to regain the coolness! With vintage furniture, old school lighting, updated glass partition walls and accent pieces with a retro vibe,  you can bring some timeless interior with an improved modern flavor back into your house.

With the inclusion of small modern tweaks that jazz up and renew time-worn patterns, old décor styles make worthy comebacks now and then.

Here are four methods to appreciate and enhance vintage design elements and décor:


Vintage furnishings

If it’s still in good shape, old furniture can be a stylish and texturizing décor piece. It also has a rustic and cosy feel to it. Consider giving any older pieces (such as tables and chairs) a fresh coat of paint, waxing them, or altering them with staining, etc.

If you have newer wood items that you want to age artificially, try distressing them with chalk paint or even natural materials like tea and vinegar!


Vintage lights

Return to a simpler era with less complicated lighting! Yes, choosing minimalist lighting items, which were popular in the past, is a cool and relatively simple approach to add vintage flair to your home décor.

Consider lengthy, vintage variants instead of Edison lights, which are becoming somewhat out of style. Look for items with unusual filament designs, like spirals or verticals, for an extra touch of cool.


Glass partition walls

Until roughly 20 years ago, glass walls with metal slats were highly common in Malaysian home designs. When new interiors began to spring up, they were typically built with casement windows as the preferred option.

Modern glass partition walls, on the other hand, can make a fashionable comeback with a modest design change. Consider installing full-wall glass with custom metal slats (e.g., painted black or brushed nickel) and stained or coloured glass.

This type of glass can be found at glass partition wall malaysia. They have many different unique designs you can choose from depending on the interior designs of your house.

Accent pieces with a retro vibe

Accent pieces can help to tie home décor together and make it more stylish. You can further heighten vintage sensations with decorations, furnishing, accent walls, and paintings while using old-school-cool décor.

Look for vintage-looking framed mirrors, tin paintings or antique-colored pictures, and even wooden barriers.