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If you are a new parent and currently are looking for a perfect guide to bathe your baby, you are at the right place. We are here to debunk the myths or suggestions from the elderly who suggest you bathe your baby every day. Newborns especially, do not require baths too often as they are still new into the world. Of course, you need to bathe your baby, but just in a sufficient amount, you will need suitable baby body products

Bathing a Newborn

You probably have heard of this before. Newborns are very soft and gentle. Hence why you will need suitable products if you want to give them a bath. They do need a bath, but not as often as infants. There are times when they will get dirty after a few days due to many reasons such as food leftovers on their faces and bodies and natural discharges, for instance, eyes discharge. The maximum amount of bathing in a week is at least thrice. This is because since their skin is still soft, they can easily develop skin conditions such as eczema and rashes. To bathe a newborn, there is a method called “sponge bath” which is suitable for newborns. These are the items you need to perform the process:

  • A basin or sink filled with warm water

  • A blanket or a thick and clean towel

  • Other essentials such as fragrance-free baby body wash and shampoo, a washcloth, a hooded towel, a new diaper and a set of clean clothes. 

Bathing Your Baby for the First Time

baby body products

This might be every new parent’s main concern. They are mostly unsure of what to do and what are processes needed for this. There are things that need to be taken seriously such as the water temperature, the essentials such as baby body wash and shampoo and a suitable place to bathe your baby. But don’t be nervous, it’s fine to make mistakes on your first attempt as long as they are not dangerous. Anyway, these are the correct ways to bath your newborn baby by using the sponge bath method:

  • You will need to prepare all the essentials and items mentioned in the previous subtopic. 

  • Get your baby undressed to make things easier. Make sure that all the essentials needed are easy to reach and are within your sight.

  • Lay your baby down on a flat surface with a blanket or towel. 

  • Dip a washcloth in the warm water, and wring the excess water so that it would be damp and not wet. If you used baby wash, make sure beforehand that it is mild, gentle and fragrance-free

  • Now, you can clean your baby and pay attention to body parts that are easy to get dirty such as between fingers and the neck.

  • If you are done, you can wrap him or her with a new towel so that the baby would not get cold. 

You probably think that it seems like an easy process. As easy as it might look, you need to be really cautious regarding the essentials and water temperature used. Pigeon is the best store you can get your baby essentials from. Now that you have learned how to bathe your baby, you can easily do it again.