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TIME Fibre Broadband For Home: An In-Depth Review

When it comes to purchasing home broadband Internet, there are numerous factors to consider. Aside from Internet speed and pricing, you’ll need to consider download limits, contract length, and other optional services that you may or may not use. Everyone uses their home broadband Internet in a somewhat different way, but don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you so you can figure out whether or not this broadband offer is right for you.

TIME Broadband has revised its packages and now offers the fastest Internet speed of 500Mbps for household users in Malaysia. They’ve also removed data caps, so you can now download and upload at these speeds without limits. It’s arguably the greatest package available right now, however, it has a smaller service area than other Malaysian broadband Internet providers such as TM’s Unifi and Maxis, making it difficult to obtain.


1. Pricing and speed

Speed! Everyone wants that from their broadband service, but it depends on how many devices you have and how many people you’ll be sharing it with at home. What matters most is your quota; all the speed in the world won’t help you if you’re throttled.

When it comes to speed, the TIME Fibre broadband for home is excellent, with Internet speeds of up to 500Mbps available to households. That’s more than enough to download an album in seconds, an HD movie in minutes, and a game in seconds.


2. Add-ons

‘Bundled’ packages are available from every provider. With your broadband subscription, you can get a landline, TV, and even a mobile phone plan. These can help you save money and eliminate the stress of having to pay multiple bills each month. Of course, these should only be important to you if you intend to use them. If you’re pleased with your current phone or TV package and merely want Internet access, the bundle will actually cost you more money. Remember to consider all costs, including set-up and connection fees, before making a decision.

TIME Broadband can also accommodate you if you use your home phone frequently to communicate with family and friends.


3. Fees for installation and cancellation

Another advantage of TIME Home Broadband Fibre is its sign-up offer. You can obtain a router and a cordless phone when you sign up for TIME Home Broadband Fibre, unlike Maxis, which does not supply a cordless phone.

The majority of

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Tips to Renting for University Students

I’m sure the majority of us hail from various parts of the country. I’m from Negeri Sembilan, a neighbouring state, and I can assure you that getting into KL city is no joke. For example, taking the commuter takes around an hour and a half to go to the heart of Selangor, which is KL Sentral. So I understand why individuals would want to rent a place to stay rather than spend half their day commuting on the bus or train.

This is especially true with university students. As a university student, you should prioritise your studies, thus travelling is unneeded stress that you may avoid by renting a place to stay. Particularly for students from universities in the vicinity of Bandar Puncak Alam. So, what should you be looking for in a rental property? If you don’t know, here are a few pointers from my experience. 

Price of Rent

The first thing any university student looking for a place to rent should think about is the rent itself. Now, for those of you who live in other parts of the country and are unaware, Selangor is one of the states in Malaysia with a better standard of life, which includes rent prices. Whereas a single room can cost up to RM450 to RM600, when a similar room of the same size can cost as little as RM280 in locations like Kampar, the disparity is clear. Students frequently have to give up their privacy in order to save money on rent. This is why doing your homework before deciding where to stay is critical, as being able to afford your rent is crucial. This is to ensure that it does not become a problem throughout your education in the future.


The second factor to think about is the location. Now, when I say “location,” I’m referring to a variety of things. To begin, make sure that the home you’re renting is close to convenience stores and grocery stores so that you can get your essentials without having to travel far. It’s also a good idea to look for rental properties near dining establishments. You’ll never run out of food this way. Another item to think about is whether or not your location has a network connection. This is because if you don’t have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, it will be very impossible for you to complete your studies. 

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Why Is KL The Best Spot For Your Office?

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. So, it is no surprise to anyone that it is the hotspot of tourist attractions. However, it is also a main hub of business, jobs and companies. You can find almost any job in any industry in this city that is dense with people of all backgrounds.


Anyone who intends to find a job or even start a new company should be expected to start it in this city. There are people in this country who dream of being the next Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos, and all they need is a perfect spot to start their company.


Why would Kuala Lumpur be the perfect spot for your startup company? Why would it be the ideal area for an establishment such as yours? Well, keep reading to find out. 


Nature of business 


First, it depends on your nature of business. If your business is centred around being a manufacturing company, or a company that handles shipping, KL might not be the right place for you. 


Kuala Lumpur is dense with buildings, houses and infrastructure. There is almost no place for factories, large holding areas or warehouses. So, it would be best to search another area for your company, perhaps somewhere with less infrastructure


However, if the nature of your business involves more white collared workers, Kuala Lumpur would be the best choice for your office. The buildings in Kuala Lumpur offer business with multiple storeys of office space. It is perfect for jobs that do not require manual work. 




Kuala Lumpur, although dense in population, is small in size. The city is also surrounded by other bustling cities such as Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and Klang Valley. All of these areas are just a stone throw away. So, it would be perfect for your employees.


They do not have to travel far for their work. It could take them about 20 to 30 minutes to travel from Kuala Lumpur to the surrounding area. Plus, if they need to use public transport to travel, they can do that as well.


Kuala Lumpur is full of public transport accommodations. They have taxis, buses, light rail transit (LRT), mass rapid transit (MRT) and Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM). On top of that, if they are feeling exhausted after the whole day, they can always use

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Malaysian Healthcare System

Malaysia offers a wide range of opportunities for students who want to study medicine or sciences at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, both in public and private universities. Malaysia has a lot of opportunities for those wishing to study medicine and surgery. It is ranked 8th in the world and 6th in Asia by the World Medical Association. The country is rich in both natural resources and human capital. Their medical industry is also growing exponentially with estimated GDP growth of 7% annually. Malaysia, one of the best countries to study medicine and surgery, has a reputation for being inexpensive to study in as well as having an experienced workforce with an abundance of qualified graduates. Malaysian medical students have been taking different medical courses in Malaysia since the country was established.

Malaysia has made leaps and bounds in the field of medicine and science. However, there are still many opportunities for improvement. Malaysia has rapidly made great strides in its fields of medicine and science with an increase of medical schools from 3 to 9 from 2000 to 2010. Many medical students now dream of studying abroad, but the options are limited due to the country’s lack of resources. The Malaysian government offers scholarships for students who want to study medicine and surgery in Malaysia. Malaysia is a country with a big population of Muslims, so many Muslims seek medical help from doctors. Besides, Malaysia also has a high level of literacy, which allows more people to be able to understand complicated medical terms.

study BSc medicine and surgery in Malaysia

Malaysia offers an excellent opportunity to study medicine and surgery in the country. One of the top medical colleges in Malaysia is University Sains Malaysia (USM) which was established in 1979. Malaysia offers a world-class medical education with incredible infrastructure, excellent healthcare, and low cost of living. With its strategic location, students can easily relocate after a 3-year course of study as well. A medical career is a great choice for those who are looking for a rewarding career that involves both science and humanity. Malaysia is a country that is rapidly progressing in terms of science and medicine. With the help of technology, Malaysia has become one of the countries with the fastest-growing number of medical professionals in the world.

The country has a population that reflects its medical needs, as well as a varied landscape that offers many opportunities for healthcare research and

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What To Bring On A Camping Trip?

Camping is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is usually carried out in settings such as the woods, the beach, or in your backyard. Camping is a fun activity that involves food, scenery, and shelter by camps.


Some people may question the whole experience of camping, and what exactly it achieves. Essentially, it is an activity that can be done inside with the luxury of air-conditioning and packed food. However, camping allows an individual to appreciate nature and its surroundings. It is an experience that will develop memories that can be cherished forever. 


It is also why children love camping so much. They love to have a little corner of their own, where they can share stories and create fun scenarios in their heads. So, if you are a parent or guardian of a child, bringing them camping can create a core memory for their lifetime. 

servewares with lids in Malaysia

Plus, camping gives an opportunity for adults to release their stress and daily worries. It provides them a chance to be grateful for their lives and the people around them. So, if you are planning to go on a camping trip with you and your family, but, you are not sure where to begin. Do not fret, the items below are essentials you can pack for your trip. 




A tent is one of the more important parts of camping. It ensures that you and your family members are safe from the external forces of nature. Since you will be camping in the woods or on the shores of a beach, the natural weather may present to be harsher compared to when you are staying under a house. So, to avoid being a victim of the extreme weather, pack a sturdy tent for the trip. 


Fire Starter


Can you really call it camping if there is no warm fire where everyone huddles around?. To start a fire, you need a fire starter, such as matches or a lighter. Plus, some kindling such as newspaper strips, and dry bark. These items are integral in starting a fire. Remember to bring an extra fire starter as well, just in case the original lighter fails. 


Also, last but not least, do not forget the marshmallows! Heating a marshmallow over a fire is an experience every person must have. After that, you can

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